[EU] Doomguy gets transported into the Warhammer 40K universe.

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“Hold the line! For the Emperor!”, shouted Commissar Fordt at the Stormtroopers and the guardsmen in the trenches as they came under attack from Chaos cultists at the Imperial shrine on Dublix Prime. Lasgun fire criss-crossed across the field as the imperial forces and heretics alike exchanged fire. It had been three hours now and the heretic forces charged relentlessly towards the shrine entrance, now heavily fortified behind sandbags, trenches and gun emplacements. The Commissar checked his vox transmitter and was greeted with a dull hiss once again, indicating a malfunction or signal jammer of some sort. Reinforcements were out of the question. He looked around and took note of the situation, the men under him were successfully keeping the heretics at bay and maintained a decent stalemate. None of the heretic forces managed to reach even the first line of defense but this won’t last long and the unrelenting attacks would wear them down eventually.

Then he saw it. Among the hoard of human cultists, there appeared red skinned monstrosities. Bloodletters thought the Commissar. It looked like the heretics wanted to break the stalemate by summoning their daemon allies. Not too long after he saw portals opening everywhere and daemons began to pour out of them. The Commissar looked at his men who were visibly shaken by this sudden development. “You will stand your ground! Anyone who abandons his post will be shot” shouted the Commissar as he fired his bolt pistol towards the rapidly approaching enemy. The enemy’s front lines were now almost completely made up of the Bloodletters now and they were charging towards the trenches. In the clearing between the trenches and the enemy a portal opened a few feet above the ground and down fell a human. The Commissar did not recognize his armor, he looked tall and well-built, reminding him of an Astartes. The men in the trenches held their fire, clearly astonished at this unusual turn of events. The heretic forces slowed down as well

The human stood up and looked around in a bewildered manner. As if he was yanked out of wherever he was before and dropped right into the middle of some alien landscape. He then looked towards the approaching hellish hoard and instinctively pulled out a rocket launcher out of nowhere and charged the enemy. Commissar Fordt put a pair of binoculars to his eyes to observe the action. The man appeared to glowing golden eyes and was firing wildly at the hoard. The daemons stopped their advance towards the shrine and started moving towards this new threat to their kind. He kept firing his rockets until they ran out. Every time his rockets hit a target, daemons and heretics blew up by the dozen, their entrails and blood raining down on the remaining forces. There cultists formed redoubled their efforts to summon even more daemons and portals opened every where pouring out Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers. The man kept firing until his weapon until the daemonic forces thinned to a few hundred. After that, he dropped his weapon and put up his iron-clad knuckles. He rushed towards the nearest punched the nearest daemons. Every blow appeared to be with a force made up of his utter hatred for hellspawn for each punch disintegrated at least a dozen of the daemons and heretics. The man fought towards the cultists who were doing the rituals of summoning and pulverized their skulls with a single punch to their heads, resulting in the closure of many of the portals. As the last of the heretic forces fell under the unrelenting assault of this lone man, a giant portal opened up in the sky. It’s bright purple light gave way to a massive red skinned creature who dropped to the ground. The Commissar took down his binoculars to see this new monstrosity with his own eyes “Throne of Terra” he gasped as he put the binoculars back over his eyes.

The Bloodthirster towered over the man, it looked down towards him and examined the visceral carnage that was the result of this man alone. It smiled, and returned its horned visage towards the man. “Mortal, you have quite a gift for slaughter.” spoke the Bloodthirster in it’s otherworldly deep voice, “My master is very impressed by your skill. What you have accomplished today puts most of his aspiring champions to shame. Therefore, I ask of you, come with me and become a champion of Khorne. Slaughter for the glory of my master and he will bestow upon you power the likes of which you never would have imagined.” The man stood motionless while looking up towards the hulking beast as the beast spoke. He then looked down, contemplating the proposal of the beast. He then dropped to his knees. The greater daemon of Khorne was well pleased, it was about to induct another champion for its master and had a short chuckle to itself. No one can resist the temptations of power. Then the beast felt a sharp sting of pain on one of it’s wings. It looked down and the man had a massive weapon in his hand, it’s barrel glowing green with vapor of a recent shot emnating from it. The beast looked to it’s left wing and found a huge hold in it’s membrane. “Foolish mortal,” replied the beast, “how dare you defy me! I will take your skull for this insolence.” The beast raised its large runic sword and swept it in the air and its blade ran ablaze with purple fire. The man came back to his feet and shot another shot towards the daemon’s face. A large green orb left the weapon that hit the daemon’s horn and it instantly melted. The daemon recoiled then pulled up his sword and brought it down towards the man, the man leapt out of the way and sprinted around the daemon with inhuman speed while shooting at him at the same time. The daemon parried the shots with its sword while rotating to keep the man in view then swept his sword across the ground. The man shot the daemon’s hoofed feet causing it to stop it’s attack short of hitting him. Another shot pulverized it’s left foot. The daemon struggled to find it’s balance as it made another sweep across the ground. This time the sword hit the man and his body flew like a ragdoll, still clutching his weapon but he got up immediately after unscathed. The daemon was puzzled, no one could have survived that. The man got back to his feet, the golden glow of his eyes burning even brighter. He shot another round towards the daemon and hit its sword arm, severing it clean off its body. The daemon howled in pain while the man shot another round towards the daemon’s other foot, causing it to fall prone on the ground. The daemon was smarting as pained grunts left its mouth. It stayed motionless as the man approached his massive foe. “Fool,”, uttered the beast, “You could have had so much power.” The man took off his helmet and with his burning golden eyes he screamed “RIP AND TEAR MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” He wedged his hands between the daemon’s mouth and pulled with all his might, the daemon flailed but with inhuman strength, the man pulled the daemon’s jaw clean off it’s body. The daemon wailed in pain and it’s body disintegrated and faded into nothingness. Shortly after, a portal opened and the man walked through, never to be seen again.

Commissar Fordt stood tranced by the bizarre turn of events. What had happened? Who was the lone soldier who single handed beat an army of heretics and daemons to death? Whoever it was, he was thankful that the battle was a victory as he praised the Emperor. In the days to come, the events that transpired during the battle for the shrine at Dublix Prime was not very well received by the Inquisition with many believing that what the guardsmen saw was perhaps an hallucination created by the forces of Chaos but the guardsmen who survived the onslaught and witnessed the lone soldier wiping out the enemies of man believed him to be an agent of the Emperor himself, sent to help his most loyal servants in their dire time of need. To this day the guardsmen speak of the events as “The Miracle at Dublix Prime”.

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