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[EU] Doomguy gets transported into the Warhammer 40K universe.

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“Hold the line! For the Emperor!”, shouted Commissar Fordt at the Stormtroopers and the guardsmen in the trenches as they came under attack from Chaos cultists at the Imperial shrine on Dublix Prime. Lasgun fire criss-crossed across the field as the imperial forces and heretics alike exchanged fire. It had been three hours now and the heretic forces charged relentlessly towards the shrine entrance, now heavily fortified behind sandbags, trenches and gun emplacements. The Commissar checked his vox transmitter and was greeted with a dull hiss once again, indicating a malfunction or signal jammer of some sort. Reinforcements were out of the question. He looked around and took note of the situation, the men under him were successfully keeping the heretics at bay and maintained a decent stalemate. None of the heretic forces managed to reach even the first line of defense but this won’t last long and the unrelenting attacks would wear them down eventually.

Then he saw it. Among the hoard of human cultists, there appeared red skinned monstrosities. Bloodletters thought the Commissar. It looked like the heretics wanted to break the stalemate by summoning their daemon allies. Not too long after he saw portals opening everywhere and daemons began to pour out of them. The Commissar looked at his men who were visibly shaken by this sudden development. “You will stand your ground! Anyone who abandons his post will be shot” shouted the Commissar as he fired his bolt pistol towards the rapidly approaching enemy. The enemy’s front lines were now almost completely made up of the Bloodletters now and they were charging towards the trenches. In the clearing between the trenches and the enemy a portal opened a few feet above the ground and down fell a human. The Commissar did not recognize his armor, he looked tall and well-built, reminding him of an Astartes. The men in the trenches held their fire, clearly astonished at this unusual turn of events. The heretic forces slowed down as well Continue reading