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[WP] Planet Earth reached the point of no longer being safely habitable. Almost all of the worlds population took to space for survival, you were one of the very few left behind.

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“Well, looks like this is our world now.” Linda spoke nonchalantly as the last colony ship departed over the horizon towards the vast emptiness of space. I looked over towards her as a single tear rolled out of her eye. She had submitted to her fate long ago but I could tell that she had not fully come to terms with the fact that her only living family had left without even a good bye.

I turned my gaze away from her back towards the ship, in my mind nothing’s changed much, I had always been a bit of an anti-social shut in and I was somewhat relieved that I would not have to put up with the bulk of the people again. However, I could not help but think about what kind of life had the NWO planned for us on different worlds. It then struck me, I would have been on that ship if I had not fucked up two months ago. I was an engineer at Ingdolf Pharmaceuticals Inc. and I used to make a tidy sum smuggling out Carcinodin for black market resellers. No one suspected anything until the top brass decided to do a surprise inventory audit prior to dismantling their infrastructure in preparation of leaving earth. Of course, I did not anticipate this and could not cook the books in time. Not only did I lose my job, but criminal charges were brought up against me. The relatively short trial ruled that I should get 10 years in prison, but since the population was already being lifted off world, the judge decided that my ticket aboard the colony ships would be cancelled instead. The NWO’s order prior to migrating the human population was clear – Criminals were not to be migrated with the global population. I sighed. Criminals would always exist because of human nature. Continue reading